May 26, 2016

The EU Single Market stopped being an asset for UK goods exporters a decade ago. Today, UK exports of goods to EU have stalled, imports are surging, and services don’t cover the deficit. The UK's global trade is far healthier — and for good reason.


  • UK goods exports to EU stalled in 2008

  • Exports to countries outside the EU are growing quickly

  • The £85 billion deficit in goods trade with EU worsens by £10 bn every year

  • The US does a better trade with EU than UK — and th...

May 14, 2016

The Single Market is supposed to attract investment, turning UK into a springboard for exports to Europe. One glance at the UK vehicle industry shows the reverse. Today, EU supplies 85% of your accelerating vehicles imports, while exports to EU are stationary.

  • In 2015, the UK trade deficit in vehicles with EU hit a record £28.5 billion

  • Today, your three top-selling cars are imported from EU

  • UK motor vehicle exports outside the EU have grown 12% per year since 1998

  • Brexit would...

May 14, 2016

Brexiteers are reviving classical liberalism in UK. Their views on regulation, trade, markets and foreign policy are identical to nineteenth century liberals. As a political group, they deserve to survive the referendum.


  • Over-regulation was also a prime target for 19th century liberals

  • Pre-war Liberal Party believed global free trade offered UK best prospects

  • Liberals hated high tariffs and rigged markets, because they cost workers money

  • So, the Tory party is headed for an ide...

May 13, 2016

Your financial services are anti-Brexit but their EU exports don’t pay for your EU trade deficit. UK services are more successful exporting outside EU, with creative and IT services growing fastest. Their safest course lies outside the emerging Single Market in services.


  • Service industries export 55% more to countries outside EU than inside

  • Finance brings an EU surplus of £10 bilion per year: just 12% of your deficit in goods

  • Creative services are growing faster than finance

  • T...

May 13, 2016

Worried that the UK will struggle to trade outside the EU? Take a look at Australia and New Zealand. We negotiate our own trade deals with huge economies like China. The result: our trade grows faster than yours.


  • New Zealand negotiated its own 2008 deal with China. Exports doubled 

  • UK relies on EU for it's China trade. You have a £19 billion deficit

  • Australia’s deals with China, Japan & US generate an overall surplus

  • Relying on EU to negotiate UK trade gives you poor...

May 13, 2016

America has a vested interest. Wanting UK to take part in European integration has been US policy since World War II. For Washington, it’s the best guarantor of a stable Europe that is on-side with US policy. But you bear the cost; America gets the benefit.


  • Brexit would make Washington’s European policy more complex, not yours

  • UK runs a £34 billion surplus in trade in goods & services with US: you don’t need a new trade deal

  • No Australian PM would tolerate a US leader say...

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