May 26, 2016

The EU Single Market stopped being an asset for UK goods exporters a decade ago. Today, UK exports of goods to EU have stalled, imports are surging, and services don’t cover the deficit. The UK's global trade is far healthier — and for good reason.


  • UK goods exports to EU stalled in 2008

  • Exports to countries outside the EU are growing quickly

  • The £85 billion deficit in goods trade with EU worsens by £10 bn every year

  • The US does a better trade with EU than UK — and th...

May 14, 2016

The Single Market is supposed to attract investment, turning UK into a springboard for exports to Europe. One glance at the UK vehicle industry shows the reverse. Today, EU supplies 85% of your accelerating vehicles imports, while exports to EU are stationary.

  • In 2015, the UK trade deficit in vehicles with EU hit a record £28.5 billion

  • Today, your three top-selling cars are imported from EU

  • UK motor vehicle exports outside the EU have grown 12% per year since 1998

  • Brexit would...

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